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Written Word Semi Custom Suites 2017-135.jpg

Our Semi-Custom Collection


Our collection is comprised of complete wedding suites ranging from Save the Dates, Invitations, Detail Cards, Accessories, that have set designs but have customizable areas, such as colors, type of printing, paper, and calligraphy style to make it perfect for your wedding. For 2017, we have two new suites and hues for our collection, making it 6 beautiful and timeless suites. Neutral hues, contrasting palettes, clean lines, modern yet absolutely romantic. 

Love, Written Word Calligraphy


Custom Invitations

While we love crafting semi-custom invitations, our true passion lies in creating something unique for your wedding that reflects not only your vision but also your love as a couple. Our custom process has intensive design rounds to create a cohesive vision from the initial Save the Date all the way to the Day-of Details. Let's talk about it.



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Wax Seal Collection

Adding a wax seal has become one of the signature aspects to the Written Word aesthetic. We have designed single lettered monogram seals and botanical wax seals, which feature intricate illustrations of our favorite botanicals. 


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